Planet ERGH // Chocolate

Planet ERGH NEW release! A sweet jazz blues ditty smothered in delight.

Check out Planet ERGH// Chocolate

Planet ERGH// Chocolate release June 23rd

with video in YouTube

Stay tuned!

Planet ERGH// Chocolate Heidi M. Mantere vocal, violin, Annan suklaatehdas// Anna Kekki

Planet ERGH// Chocolate week 26 on X-youth gone wild TOP40 #6

Suomen epävirallinen lista viikko 26 Planet ERGH// Chocolate #6

Very cool song and vocals Heidi!
Chocolate is your kryptonite Heidi
Heidi, your voice is very sexy in that low register!
And I love those violin hooks!
Heidi, Erkki and RG, this song is excellent and very very catchy. Heidi you do a fantastic vocal in this.. and it’s well produced and just perfect! (Thank you for your kind words Darren!)
Love that scat with the guitar
..scatting… in Finland… whoa… Ella would be proud (Thank you Daboi!)
I like this one – light and jazzy. Great bass and singing. Groovin’ (Thank you Clark Ford!)
Fantastic collab song guys!  So amazing voice. Love it Heidi! (ThankX Andy!)
Amazing performance and production (Thank you Victor Maslyaev!)
Beautiful Heidi…. you bring me sheer joy with your voice! You are the epitome of sultry and dramatic performance and style! I have goosebumps! (Thank you Jessie Galante!)

Heidi M. Mantere (H), R.G. Williamson (RG), Erkki Vuokila (E)
Muse Boat Live Channel SPOTLIGHTED ARTIST June 2023 – PLANET ERGH


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