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Heidi Marjaana Mantere aka High-D // Planet ERGH

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High-D // Newsframe Feel in Morgan Music Publishing blog and got Groover feedback


HIGH-D // Newsframe Feel
music Pekka Saukkonen
lyrics Heidi Marjaana Mantere
arrangement Saukkonen-Mantere
music video HeleneM-Mantere-Saukkonen

was released on March 8, 2024 with music video release March 10, 2024.

Heidi was asked in social media X by Music Supervisor J.W.Man @jamesmusic0 from Manchester, United Kingdom  to express some feelings in general from her music journey.

Read the whole Morgan Music Publishing blog
”Curious About the Next Big Talent”


HIGH-D // Newsframe Feel, music Pekka Saukkonen, lyrics Heidi Marjaana Mantere, arr. Saukkonen-Mantere, pic Heidi M. design Pekka S.

The Groover Team // Oghamyst Music, India feedback to

High-D // Newsframe Feel

sounds like folk-pop song featuring emotive vocals, backed by rich strings arrangements. The song interwines everyday moments with profound reflections on love and separation, creating an intimate and contemplative atmosphere.
The lyrics capture the essence of reading the news and contemplating life and relationships, blending the mundane with the deeply personal.
This track has a nice melodic flow and poignant storytelling, making it a memorable and moving listening experience. The singer’s voice is both tender and powerful conveying a range of emotions from wistfulness to resolve. Her delivery is heartfelt and sincere, drawing listeners into the story she is telling. The vocal complements the lyrical content perfectly, enhancing the song’s emotional depth. The inclusion of strings adds a layer of sophistication and richness to the arrangement, creating a lush soundscape that supports the lyrical narrative. The song structure is dynamic, with shifts in intensity that mirror the ebb and flow of emotions being expressed.
Liked it!
I will share it on my socials and playlist ASAP!

Many thanks to Oghamyst Music curator/pro!

Muse Boat Live Channel Chat summer 2024

Heidi love the nostalgic feeling of this with your warm rich voice, melodies and violin! Love it! (Jessie Galante NY)
-Thank You Jessie for your very kind words, I feel humbled!


Upea juhla, upea muisto 15.6.2024, Lobby Myyrmäki.

Kiitos Marcos Kuusjärvi ja onnittelut Veli Eronen 60v!

Heads or Tails
This Masquerade
Against all pain
The Ultimate Game

You’ll be shining like the sun
Newsframe Feel
Pienin siivin leijutaan
Dance your fears away

HIGH-D LIVE , Lobby Myyrmäki, kuva Pike Hilakari

HIGH-D Muse Boat Live Channel TOP 25 Chart

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A new hit! (R.G. Williamson)
Salon style swing!!! (Bamil)
Another great one Heidi (Jay Luke)
Love the violin too! (Andy Shearer aka AndyMan)
Happy mood, nice to walk with this in the headphones, light steps (Erkki Vuokila)

HIGH-D // Newsframe Feel

High-D // Newsframe Feel single

On Finnradio FM High-D Special week 10
On Muse Boat Live Channel March 10, 2024

HIGH-D // Newsframe Feel, music Pekka Saukkonen, lyrics Heidi Marjaana Mantere, arr. Saukkonen-Mantere, pic Heidi M. design Pekka S.

Release March 8, 2024


Music video release March 10, 2024


Nordic Music Central / Songs for the end of the day 10th March


David Bentley
Air Transport Economist/ Analyst.
Contemporary Music reviewer specializing in the Nordic countries

Thank You Finnradio FM, Muse Boat Live Channel and Nordic Music Central!

Love this song, High D – vocal phrasing/ intonation/breathing into notes is perfecto! (Ian Interstitium)
Heidi’s great new one, congrats ERGH sister! (Erkki V)
I could listen to this over and over again Heidi. This is a diamond (Andy Slovien)
You are awesome! (Victor)
Classy classic of dramatic proportions! (RG Williamson)
Dramatic, and immaculately arranged and produced. (Andy Shearer)
A great intro to prefece the precise but rich vocal. One of my favourites of yours Hi D (Chris – Sun-Pidden Leaves)
Grats HighD, powerful vocals! (Rachel Luxthereal)
Cool vibe to this song (The Subtheory)
Wonderful track (Peter Fred)
Great song indeed! Tina Lebea S/ Songwriter)
This is so catchy (Ewelina)

HIGH-D // Kapsäkki Bistro K // IHMO opettajat estradilla


Solo ry goes jazz & swing to 14.3. klo 18.00 alkaen Kapsäkki Bistro K os. Hämeentie 68, Helsinki

Mukana yhdistyksen artisteja mm. High-D aka Heidi Marjaana Mantere

Hanki liput ennakkoon hintaan 24€


varaa pöytä ennakkoon


Solo ry soi yhteistyössä Kapsäkki // Bistro K

IHMO opettajat estradilla ma 4.3.2024 klo 19.00
(Ravel, Bruch, Prokofjev, Piazzolla, Chopin)

mm. Heidi M. Mantere Sonata for solo violin in D op. 115 I movement

Itä-Helsingin musiikkiopiston opettajakonsertti Ahti Sonninen -sali klo 19.00, vapaa pääsy