High D Muse Boat Show Spotlite!

High D was instorduced at Muse Boat Live Channel Show Spotlight
with new single My Heart is Feeling Blue on Sunday March 20th, 2022!

Featured Artist


High-D, Heidi Marjaana Mantere is vocalist, violinist, pedagogy in violin teaching, music pedagogy also in pop jazz music and Somatic Pilates Instructor. Heidi lives in Helsinki, Finland. She is teaching classical violin in East Helsinki Music School and used to teach for 15 years improvisation in Helsinki Pop & Jazz Concervatory by her main instrument, violin. Heidi performs a lot, so you should check out her website heidi.fi Heidi is ESTA Finland President and Solo Finland Vice President. Heidi is very big fan of Karen Carpenters voice. High-D and music producer DJ P.O.S have created all music to High-D during last two years between 2020-2022.

Thank You Andy Slovien, TJ´s MuseBridge on Museboat Live with TaunJua aka TJ, Alison  for your wonderful support and work for independent new music!

Keep up the good work!

Listen to

High-D My Heart is Feeling Blue by music producer  DJ P.O.S arr. Heidi Marjaana, pic DJ P.O.S


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