High D Muse Boat Live Channel Top 25 Chart # 3!


HIGH D Heads or Tails # 3
on Muse Boat Live Channel Top 25 Chart

MBMC Top 25 Chart High D # 3 Heads or Tails

”Very recognizable voice”
” So amazing!”
”High D, Can’t decide if I love ur voice or violin better… so we`ll just go with BOTH!”
”Beautiful song!”
”Congrats High D”
”The fabulous High D! Always a pleasure.”
”Like Smooth Operator a bit – like Sade meets Girl from Ipanema”
”Like the vibe High D”
”Jazzy and mellow and beautiful, Heidi!”
”Love this lounge lizard classic!”
”This is so cool song”
”Wonderful violins”
”Yes, can imagine this live or in a movie scene… a Thriller or a Rom set in Paris or Rome … love it!”


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