High-D aka Heidi Marjaana Mantere Interview

High-D aka Heidi Marjaana Mantere Interview on

MuseBoat Live Channel // TJ’s MuseBridge on Museboat Live
by Taunjua TJ Clark released Sunday June 25th, 2023

Thank you very much MuseBoat LIVE!

HIGH-D interview for Museboat Live Channel on Sunday June 25th, 2023 in TJ’s Muse Bridge show with TaunJua aka TJ – Thank you SO much TJ, Museboat and Andy!

Museboat LIVE Channel TJ’s Muse Bridge show with TaunJua aka TJ!

The whole interview in english

Listen HERE

High-D Interview on Museboat LIVE

Oh, great, looking forward to this interview
I had a great time mixing this interview Heidi… I was surprised by your natural voice…in a positive way of course.
You should consider radio hosting, really
Hell yeah Heidi
What a resume HighD
Fantastic English Heidi! Great interview!
Heidi time machine
Love your accent Heidi!
Very cool…Very good…Great…Excellent…Fantastic interview TJ and Heidi…and featured song Heidi!
This is an epic dramatic song Heidi! Brilliant! (The Ultimate Game)
This is the kind of vocal that is so needed in music! Just wonderful Heidi! (TUG)

Planet ERGH // Chocolate

Planet ERGH NEW release! A sweet jazz blues ditty smothered in delight.

Check out Planet ERGH// Chocolate

Planet ERGH// Chocolate release June 23rd

with video in YouTube

Stay tuned!

Planet ERGH// Chocolate Heidi M. Mantere vocal, violin, Annan suklaatehdas// Anna Kekki

Planet ERGH// Chocolate week 26 on X-youth gone wild TOP40 #6

Suomen epävirallinen lista viikko 26 Planet ERGH// Chocolate #6

Very cool song and vocals Heidi!
Chocolate is your kryptonite Heidi
Heidi, your voice is very sexy in that low register!
And I love those violin hooks!
Heidi, Erkki and RG, this song is excellent and very very catchy. Heidi you do a fantastic vocal in this.. and it’s well produced and just perfect! (Thank you for your kind words Darren!)
Love that scat with the guitar
..scatting… in Finland… whoa… Ella would be proud (Thank you Daboi!)
I like this one – light and jazzy. Great bass and singing. Groovin’ (Thank you Clark Ford!)
Fantastic collab song guys!  So amazing voice. Love it Heidi! (ThankX Andy!)
Amazing performance and production (Thank you Victor Maslyaev!)
Beautiful Heidi…. you bring me sheer joy with your voice! You are the epitome of sultry and dramatic performance and style! I have goosebumps! (Thank you Jessie Galante!)

Heidi M. Mantere (H), R.G. Williamson (RG), Erkki Vuokila (E)
Muse Boat Live Channel SPOTLIGHTED ARTIST June 2023 – PLANET ERGH

Planet ERGH

Planet ERGH is an international studio collaboration between three songwrighters and musicians; Erkki Vuokila (keyboards), Heidi M. Mantere (violin, vocal) both of Finland and R.G. Williamson (electric guitar, vocal) of the United States.
Together they create stylistic crossover music that defies any one genre. Frome R&B and Soul to Jazz and Rock the sky is the limit for this trio of imaginative music makers.

Planet ERGH 1st single My way home (Planet ERGH) release June 2nd, 2023, pic Heidi M. Mantere, design Heli Kärkkäinen

Planet ERGH first single My way home (Planet ERGH) was released on June 2nd, 2023 along with official video.
Lyrics, arr. Heidi Marjaana Mantere Aka High-D
Music Erkki Vuokila
Music, arr. R.G. Williamson

With R.G. Williamson message:
Thank you all who have watched and listened to our debut song and video ”My way home (Planet ERGH)” and welcome to all the new subscribers to our (YouTube) channel! We are humbled and elated!
You can also find us at the following channels
@high.d.official @heidi.m.mantere @hisqofficial9897 @rgwilliamson

Erkki Vuokila:
We didn’t know what we were doing but it turned out alright!

Planet ERGH// My way home TOP40 Finnish unofficial chart #4
Planet ERGH/ My way home TOP25 #2

Muse Boat Live Channel Chat :

3 stars on 1 song!
We are proud as hell about this song, you go Heidi, RG and Erkki!
Awsome sounds guys
This is cool tune. Great collaboration!
Really nice mellow vibe y’all! Love this twist and turns…really cool one!
Great production
I love this song
Enormous talent here so proud of you all
Love your dramatic and sultry voice Heidi.Makes me feel happy when I hear you and of course your expressive and beautiful violin
I love how clean and pure the vocals are
Fantastic song Richard, Erkki and Heidi!!! (heart) from me and MUSEBOAT
Heidi, your voice is so clear and clean, it really helps create the aura that this song projects
Congratulations Planet ERGH! Erkki, Heidi and RG! What a glorious collaboration of your sparkling talents! So happy for you guys!

Teasers and videos:


Facebook, Instragram, Twitter @planetergh
contact: planetergh @ gmail.com
Homepage PlanetERGH

HIGH-D uusi sinkku Lemon

High-D// Lemon uusi sinkku julkaistiin 26.5.2023 kaikissa suurimmissa suoratoistopalveluissa levymerkillään Dee Records.

High-D new release ”Lemon” is out now!
This short pop celtic style world music kind of love story tells how some sad memories and moments turn to an happy ending and safe motions by High-D who wrote the lyrics to music by Pekka Saukkonen. High-D sings all vocals and plays violin and violin solo.
Hopefully the story touches many hearts and souls by its purity and strong, honest lyrics and music lines.

High-D Lemon music Pekka Saukkonen, lyrics Heidi Marjaana Mantere, arrangement Saukkonen-Mantere, pic HeleneM, design P. Saukkonen
High-D// Lemon Finnish unofficial chart TOP40 #18

Feedback from Muse Boat Live Channel chat:

Excellent musicianship. Very reminiscent of traditional English folk songs.
Such a range in your music
I love this song
Pretty violin
Amazing tune
Heidi, you keep exploring new sounds and combinations… great work!
Loved the folk feel of Lemon (showed a different side to Heidi’s oeuvre)
…a lovely short folksy tune with Heidi’s violin. High recommendation!
Wonderful medieval minstrel style song! I feel like a king in a musical courtyard! Bravo High-D!
Love the acoustic instruments in Lemon, great folky feel
Heidi’s voice is for sure one of a great kind
…love this celtic folk touch
One of the most surprising and wonderful sings this month!

HIGH-D jo kolmas single Finnradio FM Hittien taivaaseen!

High-D Pienin siivin leijutaan on ollut Finnradio.FM TOP20 listalla kuusi viikkoa ja päässyt ”Hittien taivaaseen” yhdessä jo syyskaudella 2022 sinne äänestettyjen This Masquerade ja I see the brighter light kappaleiden seuraksi.

High-D uusin julkaisu on suomenkielinen reggae! Nyt kappale on äänestetty Finnradio FM ”Hittien taivaaseen” kuuden TOP 20 listallaoloviikon päätteeksi, pic HMantere

Kiitos kappaleen yhteistyökumppanit Tuomo Renfors ja Pekka Saukkonen!

HIGH-D// You’ll Be Shining Like the Sun

High-D ja musiikkituottaja Pekka Saukkonen ovat tehneet 2020-2023 välisenä aikana yhteensä 14 singleä sanoittaen, säveltäen ja sovittaen.
Sanoituksista vastaavat Mantereen ja Saukkosen lisäksi mm. Janne Helttula, Ari Murto ja Tuomo Renfors.

Kuulet digijulkaisuna kaikki 14 singleä yhdessä paketissa – TÄÄLTÄ
High-D ”You’ll be shining like the sun” 28.4.2023
Dee Records

High-D Digialbumi You’ll be shining like the sun, kuva HeleneM, design, Peter Little Otter

Kuuntele uutta musiikkia, bossa novaa, pop, soul, groove -musiikkia viululla ja laulaen ja samalla tuet itsenäistä artistia!

Tilaa High-D esiintymään:

Sulkumerkit pois sähköpostiosoitteesta, kun kirjoitat sen osoitekenttään, kiitos.

Take Action Studios vieraana

Kiitos mahdollisuudesta vierailla uudessa take Action Stuodios ja Cafe Finland -tiloissa kuvaajat Harri Anttila ja Rauno Westerlund!

Kyllä kelpasi tässä tuolissa istahtaa – missä niin kovin moni on ollut laittautumassa kuvauksiin ja filmauksiin vuosien saatossa…

Wester Production Oy Make-up
Take Action Studios Cafe Finland ja Pilates Pose by Pilates Strings!