HIGH-D juhlistaa tuottoisan vuoden 2023 jälkimainingeissa Uutta Vuotta 2024 retroriemukkaalla kappaleella The 80´s Song.
Kappaleen soi nyt kaikissa suoratoistopalveluissa (julkaistu 1.1.2024).

Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine (Las Vegas) @ragworld (Instagram)
High-D // The 80’s Song
Review January 1, 2024

Connolly’s Corner writes (short cut):
”A brand-new single from High-D brings out a colorful and crisp vintage pop soundscape that comes through lush with gorgeous instrumentation and features all the sweet spots that you could expect from a classic pop tonality from decades passed…
One of my favourite things about this artist in general is that no matter what song you’re listening to from her, you can tell that it’s done out of a pure passion for doing it…
This is one of those artists than I immediately wanted to follow her timeline of evolution so that I can hear how she evolved as a person and as a songwriter over the past few years and you can really hear that when you listen to her full catalog…
This is definitely for fans of ´80s pop songs and if you are one of those people, then definitely check this out…
For me it not only made my whole day but it was one of the best ways to start this new year.”

THANK YOU Conolly! You took my breath away for a moment!

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HIGH-D // The 80´s Song
NEW release January 1, 2024


HIGH-D // The 80’s Song Music Pekka Saukkonen, lyrics Heidi Marjaana Mantere, Pic Helene Mantere, pic design P. Saukkonen


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