Muse Boat Live Channel Top 25 Chart HIGH-D #2

On Muse Boat Live Channel Top 25 Chart HIGH-D was voted in April 13th, 2022 to #2!

Thank You Muse Boat Live Channel Staff and all of you wonderful people who voted High-D Heads or Tails!

Keep up the good work! Vote some more, thank you!

”The one and only High D”
”Your voice is so romantic Heidi”
”Love this sentimental JOURNEY, Heidi… great HIT song! It transports me back to the bossa nova days!”
”So clear and cool production and lovely melody!”
”The fantastic lounge sounds of Heidi!”
”Love this piece of Bossa Nova goodness, Heidi! Big Hit!”
”…just awsome… I can hear this one in a spy flick….. casino scene”
”a whimsical, compelling track, Heidi!”
”Shirley Bassey will be jealous if she hears this song” ” I second this!”
(Wow, thankX!) ”Agree… Heidi I love your rich voice and wonderful vibrato!!”
”You can sing many styles and I love your violin! Congrats Heidi!” ”Yeah Heidi is really multi genre artists…”

Thank you everybody!

High D single Heads or Tails on Muse Boat Live Channel Top 25 Chart #2!


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