High-D The Ultimate Game

High-D The Ultimate Game on Muse Boat Live Channel feedback was very ”Bondish”.
Thank You Muse Boat Live Channel Team, Co-Musicians, listeners, voters!

”The vocals fits the song well, and it’s very expressive.”
”That’s it, you are recording the next Bond soundtrack Heidi”
”It’s ready for a movie soundtrack”
”My name is Mantere, Heidi Mantere!”
”Bond theme for sure Heidi”
”Big time movie theme song” ”Cool song High D!”
”Very good production, made for movies”
”Heidi is da star”
”What a voice High D!”
”Love the violin in the song much Heidi”
”Wonderful song Heidi!”
”The espionage-esque sexy grooves of High-D!”
”Heidi is easy to recognize… this is so nice!”
”I love your accent Heidi, it fits baldly to the song!”

High-D vocals, all violins
Music DJ POS
Lyricks Ari Murto
Pic Helene Mantere


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