High-D new release Learn to trust

High-D new release Learn to trust showed up to most digital platforms on May 25th, 2022!

What has already said about High-D Learn to trust:

”Pure mega talent, Heidi!”
”Love how you mix classic music with funky and pop, it is perfect”
”Very soulful Heidi”
”Always the Bond feel, not bad!”
”Love that unmistakeable contralto Heidi! Big hit!”
”The song is simply gorgeous”
”Heidi love it… that chest voice hits you in gut… and such a fresh way of doing the instrumentation and bv`s… love it!”
”Freaking LOVE this song” ”That’s really deep”
”Loving this groove HighD”
”Heidi is broadening her repertoire with every single!”
”Cool song HighD!” ”Cool groove on this one Heidi”
”Those violins of yours are freaking awesome Heidi!”
”Heidi Bond?” ”This is definitely new Bond movie theme!!”
”Here it is. Next 007 movie son”
”Such great flow!” ”This takes me, I can’t resist!”
”Love this Heidi, your vocal delivery is so cool on this”
”Heidi you’re voice is huge!!”
”Very funky! Love it, Heidi!”
”Wow! love this Rave UP, Heidi! get down!”
Heidi…..that voice hits me right into my soul!”

Music DJ P.O.S. Lyricks Janne Jay Helltool, arr. DJ  P.O.S. & Heidi Marjaana Mantere, pic HeleneM, pic design DJ P.O.S.

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