High-D LIVE Exclusive on Muse Boat Live Channel



Against all pain

Exclusively on Muse Boat Live Channel

High D original Against all pain will be released on April 8, 2022 DK Distrokid for ex on Spotify. Music and lyrics Heidi Marjaana Mantere, arr. HMM and DJ P.O.S , Pic HeleneM

”What a voice!”

”Heard this on Muse Boat Live and it’s easy to say this is Heidi’s best so far. A beautiful song!”
Thank you Hi Status Quotes @HiSQ

”Like modern dance meets easy listening lounge!”
”Love the throwback, easy listening vibe and sound! Big hit!”
”This song gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling!”
”Has a little ABBA style to it and I love ABBA”
”Great High D!”
”Absolutely love this tune top to bottom”
”Great track High-D – lifts everyone’s spirits with great production, lyrics and voc work!”
”This is awesome song”
”Soulful ballad High D!!
”..a bit like Dusty Springfield”
”This has a little soul feel to it Heidi. Very Nice”
”Yeah, soulful it is!”
”Very recognizable voice”
”So amazing!”
”Fantastic Scandinavian Soul!”
”Its got a motown vibe to it”
”Feels like just yesterday we were ecstasy with this song!”
”This voice”



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